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What is the cost to take a course in the Virtual Campus?

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Tuition is the same for Virtual Campus courses as for on-campus courses. View up-to-date information on Tuition and Fees at the College.... read more

Are Virtual Campus courses taught at specific times?

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Most Virtual Campus courses are fully online. Fully online courses are usually completely asynchronous, meaning they do not meet at specific times; you can log in to your course and work online and offline according to your schedule. However, this does not mean they are "work at your own pace". Fully online courses still take place within the same semester schedule as face-to-face classes and you ... read more

When will my course be available in Blackboard?

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Courses will be available for you to access in Blackboard the day that the session begins. Sometimes an instructor will make a course available before the start date of classes, but they are not required to. You can consult the academic calendar for the start dates of the different sessions throughout the semester. ... read more

How do I know if the Virtual Campus is right for me?

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Online learning can be a great learning opportunity provided you have the necessary skills, resources and attributes. You can determine if online learning is suitable for you by taking our online readiness survey which assesses your likelihood for succeeding in an online learning program.... read more

How do I search for courses?

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If you want to see what courses make up your program's curriculum:  Visit our programs page and select your program of study If you are not yet a student and want to search available courses in an upcoming term: Identify what courses you are looking for by viewing our Virtual Campus Courses webpage or visiting the College catalog Go to Click on Search for Courses  Summer/Fall course... read more

How do I register for courses?

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New Students: New students must speak with their adviser before registering for the first time. Advisers are available by appointment by calling (215) 641-6577 and sometimes on a walk-in basis before the start of the semester. Normally it is advised to complete the admissions checklist before your appointment; however, you are always welcome to come in first to discuss your educational goals. Retu... read more

What degrees can I get?

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Degrees Programs

The Virtual Campus is a platform for many programs of study and courses that are fully online, mostly online, and hybrid. Check out our Degrees and Certificates page to see an up-to-date listing of degrees and certificates offered through the Virtual Campus. Our listing of Virtual Campus Courses shows an up-to-date listing of online courses offered at the College.... read more

What is the Virtual Campus at Montgomery County Community College?

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As an integral component of Montgomery County Community College, the Virtual Campus is the College’s singular virtual/online platform for programs, courses, and support services delivery. It is a platform that provides students with high-quality online programs taught by certified online instructors, in an environment that provides students easy access to instruction with all support services to e... read more

Are there are payment options available?

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Payment Cost

Tuition and fee payments can be made by cash, check, money order, American Express, Visa, MasterCard or Discover, and they can be made online or by mail. Students may be eligible to enroll in one of our Deferred Payment Plans which helps you meet your financial obligations by allowing you to pay your tuition and fees over a period of up to six months.... read more

Once I am registered, how do I access my courses?

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Registration Blackboard

Access your courses by following these instructions: Enter in the address bar of your browser Click on MyMc3 in the top-right corner to access your student portal Enter your username and password (contact the MCCC Help Desk at 215 641-6495 / if you need help logging in) After entering your student portal, access your Blackboard course(s)by clicking on Blackboard Cours... read more

Will my Virtual Campus courses transfer to other institutions?

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Transfer credit

The College has agreements with scores of public and private schools in the state, providing multi-faceted transfer opportunities making it easier for you to navigate the transfer process quickly and easily. You can find more transfer information on the Virtual Campus website as well as the main College website. ... read more

What are the technical requirements?

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You need Windows XP or Mac OS X or higher operating system(s), a high speed Internet connection, a web browser and a webcam. For specifications, please see Technical Requirements on our Virtual Campus Resources and Services.... read more

How do I apply to the Virtual Campus?

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To apply to the Virtual Campus, visit our website  and click the Apply Now button at the bottom of the page.... read more

Where do I purchase books and other course materials?

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As a Virtual Campus student, you can purchase all of the books and supplies you’ll need — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — through our online Bookstore which offers book rentals, e-books and other options to fit your budget. Book and supplies can be ordered online and delivered to your address, or they can be picked up in person at our Central Campus bookstore in Blue Bell.  Students that live near... read more

What do I do if I need tutoring in any of my courses?

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Online tutoring is offered in two ways: 1. Discussion board based online tutoring in Blackboard: - Login to MyMc3 Student Portal using your student ID and password - Under the Student Services tab, select Tutorial Services - Click on the Tutoring Online link on the left menu and scroll to the bottom where you will find directions for using discussion board based online tutoring in blackboard. 2... read more

How do I get my College ID?

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To obtain your College ID (Mustang Card), photos can be taken at Enrollment Services in College Hall at Central Campus or at Enrollment Services in South Hall at West Campus. If you cannot come to campus, you may apply for a Mustang card using this pdf: Mustang ID card verification. Please follow the instructions carefully. Once students have their photo taken, a Mustang Card will arrive at the ad... read more

How do I access my records or transcripts for courses taken in the Virtual Campus?

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Make an Online Transcript Request on Montgomery County Community College’s main website, where you will find a link for ordering your transcript and details for processing your request. ... read more

Can I get financial aid for the Virtual Campus?

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financial aid

As a Virtual Campus student, all associate degree and certificate programs that are at least 18 credits are eligible for federal financial aid. For state aid, if you take more than 50% of your classes online, you are not eligible for PHEAA state grants. We recommend consulting with one of our financial aid advisers by calling 215.641.6566.   ... read more

How will I receive my certificate of completion?

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Graduation certificate

To receive your certificate of completion, submit the Graduation Application through Webadvisor in the beginning of the semester you will be completing your certificate requirements.... read more

Upon completion of my Virtual Campus degree or certificate, can I attend commencement at Montgomery County Community College?

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Commencement Graduation

Yes, you are welcome to attend Commencement at Montgomery County Community College. During your final semester at the College, you must indicate your intention to graduate by completing the Graduation Application form by logging into your MyMc3 portal and choosing Graduation Application under the Academic Profile Menu. Once the graduation form is completed, you will receive additional informatio... read more

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