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Are Virtual Campus courses taught at specific times?

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Most Virtual Campus courses are fully online. Fully online courses are usually completely asynchronous, meaning they do not meet at specific times; you can log in to your course and work online and offline according to your schedule. However, this does not mean they are "work at your own pace". Fully online courses still take place within the same semester schedule as face-to-face classes and you will have deadlines and due dates that you will have to meet as the semester progresses. Rarely a class will include a synchronous component, such as requiring students to present over a video conferencing tool, but every effort is made to accommodate the diverse schedules of students.

Some Virtual Campus courses are mostly online. Mostly online courses may have synchronous requirements, but not necessarily. For example, you may be required to go on a field trip that is synchronous. But, more commonly with mostly online classes, the instruction may be 100% online without any synchronous component, but you may be required to take on-campus proctored exams that you can schedule around your availability and the hours of the testing center. When registering for classes, mostly online courses are labeled "Mostly Online" under the meeting information, and further information as to what if any on-campus requirements there are can be found under the comments. 

Virtual Campus courses that are hybrid will have synchronous requirements of coming to campus at specific times for instruction.