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What are online courses like?

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Online courses are taught through our learning management system Blackboard. Blackboard is a tool that allows faculty to place instructional materials such as lecture, powerpoint, video, audio, animation, and other applications into one online location for students to access. Blackboard is used both in our face-to-face as well as our online courses. In our online courses, it becomes the access point for students to follow along in their course. 

To enter online courses students log in through their MyMc3 student portal and select the Blackboard icon under Quick Links. Within Blackboard all of a student's courses are listed and can be accessed.

Each instructor will set up their course differently, but most organize course materials sequentially by week and provide a syllabus to guide students in their learning objectives. Some courses also take advantage of online discussion boards where students post periodically. Some courses will have audio and video components. Others will be completely text-based.